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Stress Management

Stress Is Good - Up To A Point

It helps you to rise to the occasion.
It keeps you on top of your game.
It helps you feel engaged and satisfied.

Then - Stress Becomes Bad

Prolonged, daily stress causes anxiety, procrastination, anger, disease and depression.
It bleeds away your joy and happiness and wastefully drains away your energy and strength.
It reduces your creativity, enthusiasm, motivation, productivity and fellowship.
It impairs your judgment and causes a downshift in brain function to reliance on simplistic thought processes, even for critical decision making.

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Anger Management

Anger Is Good - Up To A Point

It helps you persist in the face of frustration or injustice.
It mobilizes your resources to energize corrective action.
It increases your resilience and helps you protect your self esteem.
It stimulates your ability to overcome obstacles to success and happiness.

Then - Anger Becomes Bad

It has the potential to activate aggressive and violent behavior, even when no such extreme behavior is called for or appropriate.
Anger can lead to the loss of important social relationships, the possible loss of life and or freedom, often from things you didn't mean to happen.
Expressing Anger, Breeds Anger.
Angry Feelings Drive Still More Angry Thoughts.
Causing Anger To Quickly And Dangerously Escalate.
Anger And Rage Interfere With Rational Thought, Just when you need to think your way out of the situation.

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching Is About Growth

Identifying your dreams and desires.
Formulating your vision in life.
Feeling genuinely supported.
Gathering your resources.
Building your confidence.
Setting your goals.
Arousing your passion.
Overcoming obstacles.
Moving forward.
Creating your future.

Life Coaching Is About Change

Changing how you Think, Feel or Behave.
Changing how you interact with others.
Changing how you experience your life.

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