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The Deck By The Bay, Conquering Stress Training System - Shipped

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<span style="color: #ff6600;font-weight:bold">PURCHASE <br />Select "Add to Cart"</span><br />This Package contains The Audio CD and The Spiral Bound Photo Visualizer as well as the supporting PDF files.
The CD has the Audio Training Exercises. The Photo Visualizer is the complete series of Photos of the Scenes in the program. 

We are extremely visual beings and viewing these scenes just before using the Audio Program Greatly Increases the Speed & Strength of your Ability to Conquer Stress.

A day at the beach on the deck overlooking the Bay. The sun, the sand, the breeze, the great sky. Take a time out and Ventilate Stress. Recharge your batteries. Reset your system. You’ll be Happier, Healthier and a whole lot nicer to be around. As the hours go by the tide flows out & back in. The entire day passes. The birds, the waves, the sunset. So calm, so relaxed, so tranquil. You’ll become more at ease, more focused and more energized. And you’ll develop the ability to instantly “Drop Your Stress Level Down,” regardless of what you’re doing at the time. 

This Program was originally designed as an Employee Wellness Benefit - you’ll get ABOVE and BEYOND stress with this Stress Management Training System.
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