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Conquering Stress

What's Different About This Stress Management?

Conquering Stress is a multi-media training program that establishes and amplifies a Relaxation Response. This Relaxation Response is substantial enough to offset the Primary Stress Response, also known as Fight or Flight Response. This allows the systems activated by stress to normalize and return to proficient functioning. (It should be noted that this Training does not blunt or reduce Fight or Flight in emergencies.)

How Is It Presented?

Conquering Stress may be purchased as an audio CD or MP3 which includes several Guided Meditations and "On The Fly"  Profound Relaxation Trainings.
There is a Video that is DVD based and may be presented to groups in your media room, theater or theater-like setting. It is 42 minutes long including an introduction. Although it is quite relaxing in and of itself, the primary purpose of The Video is to supply the Visual Imagery (Raw Material) that the Audio CD Meditations ask you to Recall. This can then solidify into real long-term gains; to reinforce and increase participants ability to Be and Feel more calm, relaxed and engaged day in and day out.

Included is also a Photo Visualizer in either Hard Copy (Spiral Bound) or Electronic Download, that supplies the Visual Imagery in the form of Photos of the scenes in The Video.
The Photo Visualizer is especially important for those who have either no access or inadequate access to The Video.

Is One Time Enough?

One time may be enough to neutralize built up stress and make you aware that tension has become a habit. But old ways die hard. Regular use of the CD and occasional exposure to The Video Training and/or Photo Visualizer will continue to develop and strengthen your relaxation response into an Instantaneous Reflex.

What Actually Is Stress?

Stress is our response to a stressor; which is anything that puts a demand on us. In our context it is a triggering of the Fight or Flight Response. Fight or Flight produces the feelings most of us know as pressure, anxiety and stress. Although the Fight or Flight Response is a life saving mechanism, and as such necessary for survival during a physically danger (like a wild animal), it is counter productive and even debilitating when it is triggered when there is no physical danger. Like when the stressor is of a psychological nature such as job pressures. Fight or Flight gears up the brain and body to fight for you life or flee for your life. The degree of this response depends on the severity of the situation. Like during an attack by a wild animal, all of your survival resources are brought to bear in an instant. A hormonal cascade triggers maximum increases in any system that will help you fight or escape. In fact Fight or Flight does even more. In order to get the strongest possible survival response, that hormonal cascade suppresses or reduces any non-survival systems until the threat is past. This allows all our resources to be focused on escape.

This is good and as it should be. Conquering Stress does not in any way interfere with or modify this.

Is Stress Bad For Us?

Some stress is good: It helps you to rise to the occasion. It keeps you on top of your game. It helps you feel engaged and satisfied. But the problem is that most of our stress (hopefully) is not in the form of physically threatening assaults, but in the form of psychological worries, concerns and strain. And these psychological "stressors" trigger the same hormonal cascade. The reason this is counter productive and even debilitating is that physical dangers are usually of short duration. When you escape to safety you are relieved and your systems normalize. Psychological concerns and strain and job stress and relationship strife go on and on. These worries continually keep your stress level high. And that means those systems that are "non-essential" to fighting or fleeing for your life continue to be suppressed. These include:
• The Immune System

• The Digestive System

• The Sexual and Reproductive System.
While under stress your thinking is also effected. The brain downshifts to more simplistic levels of thinking. You don't have access to:
• All of Your Knowledge

• All of Your Creativity

• All of Your Intellect
Even for critical decision making. Stress Actually Dumbs You Down.

Looking at just one of these; We know that a suppressed immune system leaves you open to illness and disease. If you are going to manage your stress effectively, you must learn how to calm Fight or Flight and rebalance your systems. Conquering Stress does this and more.

How Does It Work?

Conquering Stress is based on the results of the research of main stream and alternative therapies and 40 years of professional practice.

The programs draw on Relaxation Techniques, Meditation, Guided Imagery, Visualization and Classical Conditioning. As such Conquering Stress is a powerful tool combining all proven forms of deep relaxation.

Let's be clear here. This is not about simply learning to relax - It's about Learning To Profoundly Relax Right Down Through High Stress and Anxiety.

These Meditations evoke a powerful Relaxation Response in much the same way that a book, story or movie can elicit a strong emotional response – like a tearjerker, thriller, love story or mystery.

What’s the Response we want to Elicit?

A calm, proficient confidence that promotes fellowship and security.

What Does It Feel Like?

Conquering Stress is deep relaxation training. Most people feel more relaxed than they've ever felt before. Continued use of The Conquering Stress Training System increases the depth of this relaxation as well as the speed with which you can relieve stress. So you'll develop the ability to Instantly Relax, "On The Fly," regardless of what you may be doing at the time.

It’s a Powerful Tool that’s Effective for Everyone.

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