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Stress Management Program

This Overview will detail the components of the program and
how to get the most results in the least amount of time.

When you first begin the program - Follow the Frequency of Use suggestions.
Once you’ve developed your ability to easily Drop Right Down Through
High Stress & Anxiety, little maintenance is required to keep it strong.

However there are Significant Health Benefits
to daily periods of Relaxation.

Get Ahead Of Stress

Like most things in life we would rather jump right to our goal instead of taking the steps along the path to our goal. But take this opportunity to get ahead of stress by investing in yourself and your health and well being.

This program is fast and effective as well as being very pleasant.
It's something to look forward to in a stress filled day.

Stress Relief ~ On Demand
That's What It Means To Conquer Stress.

This Is The Training System

The Video Program

This Training Video is a 42 minute Meditative Time Out, dwelling on a relaxing scene. This supplies the visual images for you to work with when using the Audio CD or MP3. Occasional use of this Training Video and most especially, regular use of the Audio CD or MP3 will first, create your Relaxation Reflex and then Strengthen it Profoundly.

If you have access to The Video - View it 3 to 6 times spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart.
If you do not have access to The Video - Use The Photo Visualizer all the more.
That's what it was designed for.

The Photo Visualizer

It too supplies the visual images for you to recall while using the Audio CD or MP3.
This time in the form of photos of every scene.

Having the images readily available creates a richer and more vividly detailed
learning experience. This in turn translates into a faster and greater mastery of stress.

The Photo Visualizer is available in Hard Copy (Spiral Bound) or Electronic Download.
Review the scenes before doing the 15 or 25 minute Trainings and
Simply scan through them before doing The Breath To Relax Training.

Getting these images in your mind will amplify your Relaxation Reflex.

The Daily Empowerment CD / MP3      Do Not Use While Driving

Track 1 - Brief Introduction

Track 2 - 15 minute Meditation (Reclining)
Track 3 - 25 minute Meditation (Reclining)

Avoid using at bedtime as you will likely fall asleep and not get the full benefit.
        (Unless you have sleep problems - and then it's ideal.)

The 15 & 25 minute Meditations are the same except the 25 has an extra 10 minutes of the sounds of the seashore. For when you can give yourself a little extra time to relax even deeper.
Try to do one Most Days. Unless you have anxiety issues and then more is better.

Track 4 - Brief Introduction to The Breath To Relax Training.

Track 5 - The 5 minute Breath To Relax Training. (Seated Position)

This helps to Establish and Strengthen the Reflex of Relaxing under Stress.
It is a greatly stretched out version of the actual Breath To
Relax which is instantaneous. (See The Breath To Relax Card.)
It gives me time to explain the mental processes involved,
which could not be said in the instantaneous time frame.
Try to do this Every day.

The Breath To Relax Card (For On - The - Fly Rehearsal)

It's The Breath To Relax that triggers the Relaxation Reflex that you Develop and Strengthen with the Programs Meditations.

It's The Stress Relief ~ On Demand part.

Simply put - Whenever you take A Breath To Relax -
Your Exhale - Releases Stress, Strain and Anxiety,
Replacing it with Feelings of Relaxation and Calm Confidence.
The Breath To Relax Card is included along with Both the CD & MP3.
Do Many Times Each Day. You Have To Breathe Anyway.
This is what a lot of this Training is about.
The ability to Instantly Ventilate Stress On-The-Fly.  Anytime, Anywhere.
Carry it with you for practice until you Master this Reflex.

Helpful Tip

Learn to Focus Your Mind in a Relaxed Manner. When your mind drifts -
gently bring it back to the program - always gently.
Don't get annoyed with yourself for drifting away - that will only increase the drifting.

Relax & Enjoy !

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