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Life Coaching

For Accelerated Personal And Professional Growth

Coaching is partnering with you
In a thought provoking and creative process;
that inspires you to maximize your
Personal and Professional Potential.

It Has Been Said

"If you don’t have any goals, any path will get you there."

"If you want to keep getting what you're getting -
keep doing what you're doing."
Coaching is a fast track change model. You are empowered to discover, design and implement the goals that are most important to you.

Coaching Is About Change

Changing self defeating and sometimes repetitive thoughts that undermine energy, happiness and self esteem while increasing stress and anxiety.

Changing negative feelings that are generated and supported by negative thinking that dampen enthusiasm and steal away joy and fellowship.

Changing negative behaviors that sabotage health, longevity and well being.

Coaching Is About Growth

Developing a Life Vision.
Setting and moving toward goals.
Aligning goals in order and direction.
Devising suitable steps.

Coaching Is A Process

Gathering Information.
Building Your Confidence.
Finding Your Passion.
Overcoming Obstacles.
Honoring Your Values.
Identifying Support Networks.

These are some of the nuts and bolts that I bring to coaching from my 40 years experience. But coaching is all about you, all about where you want to go and what you want to accomplish.

Coaching can be done in my offices, but is most often and most economically done on the telephone.

Take The First 3 Steps To Change.

Step 1)

Decide what might be the first goal you want to achieve. Or which Thoughts, Feelings or Behaviors you would really like to Change.

Step 2)

Call for your Free Consultation and Discuss the Suitability of Coaching for your issue, or indeed the life you would like to achieve.

Step 3)

Make an appointment for Your First Coaching Session. And ask for your Free Welcome To Coaching Packet (Includes our Complete Conquering Stress Program.
Start Your Journey To Self Empowerment And Your Future Potential.

Coaching is Fast and Empowering But it is Not Magic. You should be prepared to invest in yourself for at least a month or two.

Discover why Life Coaching is the 2nd fastest growing field after information technology and start tapping in to your own ability for Rapid, Responsible Change.

Call for Your Free Consultation and Ask About Your 
Free Welcome To Coaching Packet

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