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Cognitive Skills Training

Developing Thought Processes
That Are More Effective For Achieving Your Goals.

There are 3 components to each training.

1. Instilling thought processes that reduce or eliminate Stress, Anxiety and Anger while supporting Positive Inner Dialog for Personal Growth, Achievement and Well Being. 
2. Reducing thought processes that generate and escalate Stress, Anxiety and Anger while undermining Self Esteem, Confidence and Well Being. 
3. Strengthening of the skills that facilitate:
Growth of the positive thought processes and
Crowding Out and Elimination of the negative processes. 
This is achieved through our proprietary system of Guided Audio and Video Meditations that impart these skills during a pleasant and compelling time out along with our integrated support tools.

Cognitive Skills Training Titles

The Deck By The Bay

Scenes from our Cognitive Skills Training Videos.
Striped Umbrellas and Sky Y Y

A day at the beach on the deck overlooking the Delaware Bay. The sun, the sand, the breeze, the great sky; As the hours go by the tide flows out, and then eventually comes back in again . The entire day passes. The birds, the waves, the sunset, and finally the starry, night sky above. So calm, so relaxed, so tranquil.

Avalanche Trail

Scenes from our Cognitive Skills Training Videos.

It’s a hike of many hours but you’ll seem to just float up the trails to Avalanche Lake. You’ll wind through old forest with sunlight filtering through the canopy of leaves overhead. The gnarled roots and rocky outcroppings. You’ll follow the path along a mountain stream with the rush of fresh, pure mountain water. You’ll emerge from the woods on the edge of the lake and gaze to the mountain tops flowing with waterfalls. You'll be struck with awe and a deep, lasting sense of peace.

Resort By The Sea

Scenes from our Cognitive Skills Training Videos.

Escape to a Caribbean resort where everything really is, all about you. Be safe and pampered in the tastefully elegant surroundings that are carefully tucked into this most beautiful and natural setting.

Sunset Cruise

Scenes from our Cognitive Skills Training Videos.

A long, slow, catamaran cruise along the southern coast of a most beautiful Caribbean island. Starting at the West end and cruising easterly and returning into another of those spectacular Caribbean sunsets. The sights, the sounds the gentle rocking, what a way to loosen up and let go under the very, big sky.

Medieval Walled City

Scenes from our Cognitive Skills Training Videos.
Renoirs home Y Y

From the grounds and gardens of the summer home of artist and sculptor Renoir, to strolling through the narrow winding streets of the original mountaintop medieval walled city. Some streets appear to take you farther up the mountain, but end up taking you down and away. Just as they were designed to do. If you know the way you can reach the castle on the mountaintop. Such a pleasant, serene, and lovely day.

Jewel of the Mediterranean

Scenes from our Cognitive Skills Training Videos.

An island where beautiful beaches fringe the shores of what clearly must have been a part of the alps. This piece of paradise is resplendent with breathtaking views of Mediterranean magnificence, backed by old forests, and impossibly beautiful mountains with dramatic cliffs and soaring peaks. It will pull you out of yourself and give you a new and deeper serenity. You’ll return more composed and self-possessed than ever before.

These programs are based on a large body of research and
40 years of professional practice.

Cognitive Skills Training
A Powerful Tool that’s Effective for Everyone.

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