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Will My Insurance Cover Coaching?

No. Change and personal growth are not medical conditions or psychological illnesses. Even stress and anger are normal emotions.

Where are the sessions held?

Although sessions can be held at my offices, they are most commonly and most economically done by the convenience of the telephone. This significantly reduces the real cost in both time and money as well as allowing clients to access coaches over many hundreds or even thousands of miles.

How Long Is A Coaching Session?

Sessions are 30 to 45 minutes each and can be weekly, every other week or even every third week. Based on what is comfortable for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

Telephone Sessions are $495.00 for a 3 session package. See Session Fee schedule.

How Many Sessions Does It Take?

There is no sure answer to this as everyone is different and each persons goals vary widely. You should however be prepared to invest in yourself for at least a month or two. You can expect some progress at most every session. The average coaching relationship is about 6 to 14 months. This reflects the fact that people working on personal goals tend to finish sooner while people working on executive or professional goals may continue for several years.

What Actually Is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnering of two people on an equal basis. Acknowledging that only you know what you know, think what you think, feel what you feel. Only you have access to your dreams and desires, to what comes easy and what seems difficult. Only you experience your fears and uncertainties. Essentially acknowledging that only you are an expert on you. A coach is a trained professional, who is an expert in process, the movement from one state of being or situation to another. Simply referred to as change. Coaches are not interested in how or why you are where you are. Only in where you want to go; using the process of change to move you forward to where you choose to be.

I Had Therapy And It Didn't Help. Will This?

Coaching is not therapy. You are not viewed by coaches as sick or needing to be fixed but rather as a whole and complete person who wants to increase forward momentum toward your maximum potential. So instead of dragging through old feelings and issues, our focus is,"Where are you now and where do you want to be?" And then it's about gathering your resources, planning manageable steps, overcoming the inevitable obstacles, and feeling the joy and empowerment of achievement.

Will I be Able To Tell If It's Working For Me?

Yes. Coaching is immediate. Your changes occur in the here and now. You don't necessarily reach a goal in each session, because you choose your own pace and some goals require multiple steps, but you should feel movement and growth right from the start.

Coaching Is Effective for Everyone Desiring Growth or Change.

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