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Anger Management

Learn To Regulate Anger
And Stop The Escalation

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A comprehensive program that TRAINS you to reduce your reaction to stressful and or angry situations, reducing anger escalation. You are trained to be more calm, relaxed, more confident, with greater self control. Whether you are doing it for yourself, someone else, or by court order, you will be more able to think your way through with reason, rational thought and self possession.

Anger is a normal emotion that is very useful in coping with everyday life. It can help us persist in the face of frustration or injustice. Anger can mobilize our resources to energize corrective action. It increases our resilience and helps us protect our self esteem. Anger stimulates our ability to overcome obstacles to success and happiness.

Anger is also a survival mechanism; part of the Fight or Flight Response. As such it has the potential to activate aggressive and violent behavior. Even when no such behavior is called for or appropriate; leading to the loss of important social relationships at the least and the possible loss of life and or freedom. Often from things you didn't mean to happen. Anger can be evoked by ordinary stress-triggers such as job stress, family pressures, financial hardships and traumatic experiences. Significant is the problem that anger interferes with thought processes; inhibiting rational thinking and problem solving skills. Anger expression and anger suppression are both involved in stress-related health problems.

Because anger kicks in automatically it may seem that it’s natural and therefore doesn’t need to be regulated. Anger isnatural, but like many things in life, it may need to be regulated.

Does your Anger need to be regulated?

• Are you or others afraid you are going to lose it?

• Have you been losing it?

• Do you believe it's their fault for making you angry?

• Do you give in to rages to control others around you?

• Have friends or family suggested you get help?

• Has a court ordered treatment?

A Comprehensive Program Combining;
Anger Management and Stress Management.

We often read in the popular press and pseudo-psychology magazines that we should not hold our emotions in, that we should release them, express them so they don’t fester and build up to the bursting point. This is true of some emotions, including normal angry feelings, but this is NOT true if your anger escalates out of control and makes others feel in danger.

• Expressing Anger, Breeds Anger.

• Angry Feelings Drive Still More Anger.

• It Can Quickly And Dangerously Escalate.

• Anger And Rage Interfere With Rational Thinking.

When you're stressed out and angry, you need to relax yourself and calm down. You need to reason and think your way through. After all - You DO want the best possible outcome for your loved ones as well as yourself. This is easier said than done, of course. If you could do it on your own, you probably already would have.

• This Program Will Train You In Anger Regulation.

This is something you can do to help yourself and your family. It’s private, confidential and it works. This is not lecturing you about anger or why you have anger or looking into your childhood and talk, talk, talk. This is training. You are trained to be more calm, relaxed, more confident, with greater self control. So that you are able to turn off the thinking and self talk that wrongly justifies and escalates negative feelings. You are trained to replace these with your reasoning skills, rational thought and self possession; Enabling you to express yourself in a positive, constructive and socially acceptable way.

Limited Seating. Call Now And Register To Reserve Your Seat.

Also Available:
Anger Assessment and Evaluation.

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